2008 Conference Attendees

SEC Communicators Conference, 2008 attendees
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Auburn University
C. Mike Clardy
, Manager of News and Web Services
Deedie K. Dowdle, Director of Communications and Marketing

Louisiana State University
Holly H. Cullen, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs
Rusty K. Jabour, Vice Chancellor for Communications and University Relations

University of Alabama
M. Shane Dorrill, Broadcast Producer
Janet Foster Griffith, Assistant Provost of Communications

University of Arkansas
Melissa Lutz Blouin
, Director of Science and Research Communications
Roy G. Cordell, Director of Publications and Creative Services
Laura H. Jacobs, Associate Director of News and Editorial Communications
P. Tysen Kendig, Associate Vice Chancellor for University Relations
Gina D. King, Director of News and Editorial Communications
S. Dawn Mabry, Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor
Chris B. Nixon, Director of Communications Technology Services
Danielle Marie Strickland, Manager of Advancement Communications
Steve J. Voorhies, Manager of News and Media Relations
Hardin A. Young, Director of Executive Communications

University of Florida
Dan C. Williams
, Director of Marketing

University of Georgia
Thomas H. Jackson
, Vice President for Public Affairs
Charles G. Toney, Speechwriter

University of Kentucky
Jay David Blanton, Executive Director of Public Relations and Marketing
Kelley A. Bozeman, Marketing Director

University of Mississippi
Mitchell Diggs, Associate Director of Media and Public Relations

University of Tennessee
Richard L. Bayer, Assistant Provost for Enrollment Services
Tom J. Milligan, Vice Chancellor for Communications
Gina D. Stafford, Director of Communications

Vanderbilt University
Melanie S. Moran, Assistant Director of Vanderbilt News Service